Garret found his place in Alentejo, restoring his grandparents' house with the help of friends.

Surrounded by the sea and hills, he sought both inspiration and grounding.

Transitioning from city life, he now works remotely in the blockchain industry, mindful of its energy implications.


Despite his architectural background, he's drawn to the limitless potential of blockchain.

Hosting "Garret weekend gateways, he fosters community while prioritizing personal goals.


Alentejo's sense of community resonates deeply with him, transcending differences in age or background.

Leading by example, he integrates sustainability into his daily life, from biking to the local market to nurturing small-scale farming.


For Garret, belief fuels action, and time is his most precious asset. As a pragmatic dreamer, he's solution oriented, driven by a commitment to learning and self-motivation.


Sacoor Blue

Deira City Centre

Mon - Fri, 10am - 10pm
Saturday, 10am - 11pm
Sunday, 10am - 10pm